Message ESF753 appears every hour in the ESFLOG.
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Message ESF753 appears every hour in the ESFLOG.


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Every hour message "ESF753 OMR RESET PERFORMED" is written to the ESFLOG. What does it mean? What action is required?


OMR is a new subtask that runs under CA Spool. It means, Online Metric Reporting which is a feature in CA Spool. It is used because CA Spool now maintains real-time online metrics for each printer that identifies if a printer is overloaded, under loaded, or not used at all. The online metrics includes information on current and maximum queue lengths, number of files, records, and pages printed in the current hour, maximum time taken to print, and the total time since the last CA Spool restart. The CA Spool Menu System and Web Interface Printer panel display the online metrics for each printer.

As explained in the "CA Spool Operations, Commands, and Messages Guide" the ESF753 message states that the OMR subtask has reset the current hour statistics for all printers defined and that processing continues. So there is nothing to do in regard to this message.

It is not possible to disable the OMR feature but it is possible to suppress the message by using the MESSAGE feature in ESFPARM (CAIQPARM).


Component: CSPOOL