Can't run a query when 'Assignee Combo Name' is placed in the query filter when we create a Web Intelligence document.


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Some of combo box cannot be used in the query filter on the Web Intelligence document. This document explains the condition behind using the combo box.


When you trying to run a query for which the query filter has the "Assignee Combo name", the message below appears.

Detabase Error: [DataDirect][OpenAccess ODBC]AHD12002: \bh fetch_response
G[QueryHandler ServiceDesk-1106710048-37:AHD03053:Where ...assignee.combo_name. (Error: WIS 10901)

This behavior is not a bug but design. However, we understand this message is inappropriate and

  1. Open InfoView.

  2. Create a new Web Intelligence document.

  3. Set "Assignee Combo name" to query filter.

  4. Click Run Query button.

  5. The below message appears.

The Assignee Combo name is related to the below definition in the base.maj in the $NX_ROOT\bopcfg\majic.

combo_name DERIVED(last_name isnull(", " first_name " " middle_name, ""));  

In a majic file, the definition has the attribute 'DERIVED', you cannot use it in a query filter.

This behavior is by design.


Component: ARGIS