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ADT Server or the Windows ADT Server Service won't start. A Windows Service error occurs that the ADT Server was terminated. Advantage Data Transformer system.log contains an error that the ADT Scheduler could not connect to the IDB.


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Advantage Data Transformer




The ADT Server or Service won't start by clicking the "Server" icon in the Advantage Data Transformer programs list or by selecting Start Advantage Date Transformer Server Service in the Windows Services panel.

  • Starting ADT Server from the Programs icon opens an ADT Server Console window, but then the console fails because it cannot locate an executing ADT Server (Scheduler.) After the failure, the ADT system.log shows the error, "Scheduler could not connect to the IDB. Check your Password and your infopump.cfg file for possible errors".
  • After clicking start for the Advantage Data Transformer Server Service in the Windows Services panel, ADT appears to be starting, but then fails within a few seconds, producing an Application Event log error, "Advantage Data Transformer Server event: 0, InfoPump Service 'Advantage Data Transformer Server' terminated (code 0) due to Server Scheduler shutdown."
  • Certain network failures may cause ADT to "lock" itself, resetting its IdLock parameter in the IDB.
  • Secondly, ADT will not be able to record any ADT Server shutdown time if the ADT Server is not stopped by the STOP command at the ADT Server Console. This means that in cases where it is common practice to stop the ADT Service through the Windows Services panel or by rebooting the computer, multiple rows of server activity in the IDB will remain incomplete indicating to ADT that either the server is still running or it has crashed. This may cause ADT to refuse to start.


These situations can be corrected by directly editing ADT tables through your Database Server Client tools such as Query Analyzer or SQL Plus. Execute the following queries * in the MDB or IDB while the ADT Server is not running.

UPDATE LookOutIdControl SET IdLock=0,LockTime=NULL
DELETE FROM LookOutControl WHERE ShutdownTime IS NULL

While using the ADT Server Console STOP or SHUTDOWN command is the recommended method to stop the ADT Server, the result of using another method is not harmful to ADT and is easily corrected by these SQL commands. Be sure that the ADT Server (ipsched.exe) is not running when the DELETE query is executed.

Please be sure to take a backup of your database before any such manual modifications.

*Check your own Database Server query language for the syntax dealing with null time data.


Component: DWM