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Clarity: The Reverse action in "Create WIP Adjustment" causes immediate change in the Cost Plan details without approval.


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From "Create WIP Adjustment", a task can be "Reverse". And the Reverse action directly results in the Cost Plan details. The symptom is recognized as a bug. As a practical business rule, the reverse action should be approved first and if approved the result should be changed. But the current behavior is the result is immediately changed in the Cost Plan details.

Steps to Reproduce:

First view the current Cost plan details.

  1. App > Project> select one > Financial Plan > Cost Plan > click property Icon > Details.

  2. App > Create WIP Adjustment > and Reverse one

And go back to 1) and check the cost plan details. The Actual has already changed.

Expected Result: The reverse data(Actuals) is not changed and should be updated after approved in the WIP adjustment.

Actual Result: The reverse data(Actuals) is updated immediately.


There is no workaround and the reverse action causes immediate update in the cost plan.


This is not a defect.

In the user's guide we state:

When you enter a WIP adjustment, a transaction is added that references, not replaces, the original transaction. This adjustment transaction is placed on hold and is made unavailable for billing until it is approved or rejected. So Cost Plans must reflect the same behavior as Chargebacks and External Billing. If a transaction is excluded from billing and chargeback, then it must not be displayed on cost plans as well.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-47358, documentation, nab.


Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus