CA Top Secret TSS REFRESH Command Doesn't Work!


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A region acid has been PERMITted access to a resource.

Despite a :

the acid is still NOT authorized to access the resource.

When the region is recycled, the region acid can access the resource.


The TSS REFRESH(acid) command works correctly and flags the security environment for this region acid to be refreshed.

The region acid will be refreshed:

  • On next security call done for the region acid.
  • And, for some resource classes the security call is issued in cross memory mode and the REFRESH doesn't take place.

Example: CFSKEYS is an example resource class, where security calls is issued in cross memory mode from the CFS address space.

To have the region acid REFRESHed:

  1. Issue a
    for the region acid.
  2. AND submit a dummy job for the region acid to generate a security call in non-cross memory mode.


Component: AWAGNT