Tips for using the ITAM Data Importer.
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Tips for using the ITAM Data Importer.


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Tips for getting started using the ITAM Data Importer.


There are Reference Guides that will help create Import mappings.

Inside the API. This will provide basics regarding the UAPM Application Program Interface to add or delete records to the repository. If UAPM is installed this will be located under Start - Program Files - CA - Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management - Documentation

ITAM Data Importer Product Guide. This will discuss installing and using the ITAM Data Importer.

After reviewing the documentation, if you are still having problems, it is recommended that you use one of the sample data and mapping files to begin. These documents include Hardware and Software files as well as the data files hardware.csv and software.csv.

Run these imports with one or two lines of data. After successfully importing an asset, modify the data and mapping files as needed. Once you have the correct fields and mapping proceed to put real data in the data file to import.

If the import fails click the View Log file button to review any messages regarding the failure. The log will point you to the failing record or field.

If the error is that a Dropdown object does not exist, check to make sure all fields in the data file mapping to a dropdown field have a valid value.

If a message states that a particular field is required it will need to be added to the mapping.


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