Receiving U0299 abend when submitting a job in CA 11 Workload Automation Restart and Tracking.


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You are receiving U0299 abend when a job is submitted. Why is this occurring?



Component: 11


The abend U0299 is normally an indication that DBAS or one of its I/O Tasks is not active, but there is an attempt to run a job under CA 11 WA's control. Below are several actions to take to determine why the U0299 abend is occurring:

  • Verify that the CA 11 WA started task is active. In cases where job(s) is submitted on one system to execute on another system, verify that CA 11 WA is active on the system where job is attempting to execute.

  • Verify that job did not attempt to run prior to CA 11 WA successfully initializing.

  • Verify SSN value in config file. Default SSN value is CAL7. If job is running under another subsystem other than CAL7, user exit U11SSSEX should be set up to indicate what jobs should run under that subsystem.