How to prevent an Application from being completed via CA ESP Workload Automation Workstation?


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CA Workload Automation Agents



How do you prevent an Application from being completed via CA ESP WA Workstation? Specifically, you need to restrict actions: "complete and release", "complete" and "complete this and prior generations".


Currently there is no way to do it. CA ESP WA does not restrict access to commands from CA ESP WA Workstation or from line/page mode. The access is controlled by the GROUP/GROUPX or APPL/APPLX profile.

For example, the command to complete an application is AJ ALL APPL(aaa) COMPLETE. If the application aaa has SAF_PROF_APPL, the command will be allowed if the user has either UPDATE access to or READ access to profile. Without SAF_PROF_APPL, the check will be done for UPDATE to ESP.GROUP.ggg or for READ to ESP.GROUPX.ggg profile.

As you can see, the command name is not included in the profiles, so a command to hold or release an application will check the same profiles.


Release: WKLASG00200-5.5-Workload Automation-Service Governor-EE