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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



U0032 abends indicate storage related problems. TPX may encounter these abends and continue to operate. This document outlines the steps to take for assessing this situation.

Example from TPX started task log:

 IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT  942                            
   USER COMPLETION CODE=0032                                 
   TIME=09.09.54  SEQ=00054  CPU=0000  ASID=0215              
   PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  078D1000   80034672  ILC 2  INTC 0D  
    ACTIVE LOAD MODULE           ADDRESS=00034468  OFFSET=000 
    DATA AT PSW  0003466C - 00181610  0A0D47F0  C1F61884     
    GR 0: 00000000_80000000   1: 00000000_80000020           
       2: 00000000_00000080   3: 00000000_00000000           
       4: 00000000_00480000   5: 00000000_00006738           
       6: 00000000_000A4100   7: 00000000_000A4200           
       8: 00000000_00000000   9: 00000000_00000000           
       A: 00000000_FFFFFFFF   B: 00000000_0001D038           
       C: 00000000_000344A8   D: 00000000_00696EB8           
       E: 00000000_800345F2   F: 00000010_00000100           
   END OF SYMPTOM DUMP                                        


There are several items to check when encountering U0032 abends:

  1. Is TPX still executing or did it stop or get cycled?

    • When TPX is cycled this should reset storage allocations and get past the immediate situation that caused the abend.

    • NOTE: Before stopping TPX to resolve the abends, ensure that you capture all of the required diagnostics listed below if you intend to request that CA investigate this situation.

  2. Do you see any slot overflow messages? (TPX300)

    • A single slot overflow is usually not a problem unless it is occurring on a regular basis.

    • When three or more slots overflow within a short period of time, then the storage allocations in the SMRT may need to be reassessed. Output from TPXOPER D STOR and D STORXA is critical to this assessment.

  3. Verify that your slot size allocations match up with the default values for your release.

    • You can check the defaults by creating a new SMRT.

  4. What is the region size of the TPX proc?

    • We recommend REGION=0M.

    • You should also verify whether or not the storage for this LPAR may have become 'fenced' and not have as much storage as originally thought. Fencing is the disconnection of a node from shared storage.

  5. What do you see when you display storage using the D STOR and D STORXA commands in TPXOPER? Any slots with 100% max use? The displays must be issued before TPX is cycled to be useful.

  6. And, finally, ensure that you are current on TPX maintenance.

From CA TPX Message Guide, Abend Codes:


The product has been unable to satisfy a storage request. At the time of the ABEND, register 2 contains the size of the storage request. If register 12 contains an X'80' in the high order bit, the request was for the above-the-line storage.


Gather the following information and contact CA Technical Support:

  • Storage parameters for the System Options Table (SMRT).

  • Recent D STOR and D STORXA displays from a TPXOPER session.

  • The SYS1.DUMP data set produced by the abend. (SVC dump).

  • The TPX started task log, including LOG file.


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