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The IEFTMS12 message issued for obsolete parameters.


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CA 1 Tape Management CA 1 Tape Management - Copycat Utility CA 1 Tape Management - Add-On Options



The IEFTMS12 message will be issued for parameters that are no longer need but are specified in the PPOPTION library, member TMOOPTxx.


With fixes RO10161 and RO10164 for CA 1 release 11.5, five options have been removed from the product. The options are MIXGDG, MSGPFX, BATCH, MG3480, and CATSEC. If you leave them coded in your TMOOPTxx member of PPOPTION data set, you will receive the following message when TMSINIT is executed: IEFTMS12 ERROR BUILDING OPTIONS TABLE, KEYWORD xxxxxxxx NOT DEFINED IGNORED. TMSINIT will issue the message and then continue to come up. This should not cause any problems with tape processing.

With these PTFs applied, CA 1 will run with:

  1. MIXGDG and MG3480 set to YES

  2. BATCH set to YES if YSVC is set to YES

  3. CATSEC processing will be based on the setting of OCEOV and FORNDSN. If you have turned on data set security checking with these 2 options, then the we will automatically check your access to the data set name if you try to uncatalog/catalog a tape dataset.

  4. MSGPFX will be set to TMS


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