How is the Average Allocation Percent Attribute Calculated?
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How is the Average Allocation Percent Attribute Calculated?


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The attribute appears on the Resource- Allocations: Summary page as well as Team Staff and Detail pages with a column header named 'Average Allocation %' when added to portlet layout configuration.

The values are not the same as the 'Default Allocation %' (formerly known as '% Allocation') attribute.

Steps to configure portlet layout from Resource->Allocations:

  1. Log in to PPM as a user with access to see Resource profiles.
  2. Go to Home->Resource Management->Resources.
  3. Click on a Resource.
  4. Click on the Allocations tab
  5. Click on Options (Gear icon) on the right hand side then click Configure.
  6. From the List Column Section, in the Available Columns, select the Average Allocation % field and move this to Selected Columns 
  7. Click Save and Return

How is the Average Allocation Percent (%) field calculated?


    Component: STUDIO


    It is the average percent over the effective duration of the allocation. It matches the 'Default Allocation %' if there are no exception allocation segments defined. Therefore, it is the average of all the allocation segment percentages for each investment in the Resource Project Allocation portlet. To change allocation segments, click on the 'properties' icon for one of the rows within this portlet.

    • The Average Allocation % is none-editable, computed, virtual attribute.
    • It is not a stored value that can be directly accessed in a table.
    • It is only available for grids using the 'Team Allocations' system-data provider.

    Example of Average Allocation Percent (%)calculation

    1. Create a project that spans from 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018
    2. Add a team member to the project.
    3. The team member allocation will the defaulted to the team object default value of the attribute. Let say 100%. 
    4. Based on the above the allocation will be calculated based on the resource calendar working days along the project life time. 261 days work at 8 hours a day work, giving a total of 2088 hours of allocation
    4. PM decides to do some changes to the team member allocation by going to the staff member properties.
       a. From 01/01/2018 till 28/02/2018, he will be working at the 100% of his capacity
       b. From 01/03/2018 till 30/04/2018, his allocation will be of 50% as he does have some other commitments.
       c. From 01/05/2018 till 31/07/2018 his availability is 0 as the team member will be away
       d. Rest of the year, he will be working at a 100% fully committed to the project
    5. The Average Allocation Percent (%)gets calculated based on the above segments. 
       It is the average percent over the effective duration of the allocation.
       This is now calculated as 66.5% meaning that across the project lifetime, his average work is the 66.5% of his work availability

    Additional Information

    ​​Reference: KB000095684 - % Allocation not automatically calculated
    Reference Manage Resource Allocation for more details on PPM Allocations including Default Allocation