How to add PUPM approvers?


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This procedure shows how to add Privileged Account Request approvers.


  1. Log in as Superadmin to the Enterprise Management UI.

  2. Users and Groups --> Tasks --> Modify Admin Task.

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    Figure 1

  3. In the second text field after the '=' sign enter '*req*' and click on 'search'.

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    Figure 2

  4. Select 'Privileged Account Requests' (Home).

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    Figure 3

  5. Click on the 'Events' tab.

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    Figure 4

  6. Click on the arrow next to 'privilegedAccountRequest'.

  7. Click on the 'Participant Resolver' drop down list and select 'List of Users'.

  8. Click on 'Add Users' and then 'Search'.

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    Figure 5

  9. Select the relevant users, click on 'OK' and then 'submit'.

The next time any of the new approvers log in to the Enterprise Management UI, they will be able to see any new PUPM requests pending approval in their 'Work List'.


Component: SEOSNT


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