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How do I apply Service Desk patches using Applyptf?


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Applyptf is the utility used to apply Service Desk patches. The following document steps through the installation and operation of this utility.


  1. Create a folder on the Service Desk machine to contain the files used for applying future patches

    Note: A suggestion would be to create a folder called 'Tool Box' under the Service Desk root directory.

  2. Login to Support online ( and, expand Download Center on the left-hand side, click on Published Solutions.

  3. Now at the right-hand side, go to "Freeware Utilities / Toolbox" section > Latest Applyptf > Click on the link in the Download column that relates to the 'Latest Applyptf'. For example, RO07324.CAZ is file for APPLYPTF Version 3.0.8. Now download it to the directory on the Service Desk machine created in step 1).

  4. Also download cazipxp.exe from the same "Freeware Utilities / Toolbox" section and save it under the same 'Tool Box' folder.

  5. On the Service Desk machine open a command prompt and change to the directory created in step 1) that contains the downloaded files from steps 3) and 4)

  6. Execute 'cazipxp -u <File from step 3)>.caz. For example, cazipxp -u RO07324.CAZ

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

    Note: You will see a list of files extracted including 'applyptf.exe' in the Tool Box folder which will be used to apply future patches.

  7. Place the specific Service Desk patch in the 'patches' directory which resides under the Service Desk root directory. If no 'patches' folder exists, create a new one under the Service Desk folder.

    Note: All patches downloaded will have a .CAZ extension. These can be extracted using the cazipxp.exe utility.

  8. Execute the applyptf.exe from the Tool Box folder as shown below:

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 2

  9. Select the first option 'Apply PTF to local or remote nodes" and then click on Next.

  10. Browse to the patch file downloaded in step 7), select it and then click on Next to apply the patch as shown in below example:

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 3

  11. After a successful patch application, details will be recorded in the <Server Name>.his file under the Service Desk root directory.

Please be sure to check any pre- or post-installation tasks associated with the patch. These will be detailed in the <patchname>.txt file.

Applyptf will also allow you to back out patches, list patches, and install patches to remote machines.


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