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After a new install, Maintenance was Applied to CA Output Management Web Viewer, but the upgrade was not successful.


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Output Management Document Viewer Output Management Web Viewer


After a new install of CA Output Management Web Viewer, maintenance was applied but the upgrade was not successful.  The new build number is not showing up when clicking on the About button and/or the <Web Viewer Install>/apache-tomcat-8.5.4/webapps/CAOMWebViewer12/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file is not showing the correct build number.  The install log from applying the maintenance is showing this error (for example):

Execute ANT Script:       Script: build.xml

                          Status: ERROR

                          Additional Notes: ERROR - build.xml:110: /usr/local/ca/omwebv/run/apache-tomcat-8.5.4/webapps/CAOMWebViewer12 not found.

NOTE: Paths shown are examples only. Other platforms and versions of Tomcat will display a different path.



Apache Tomcat


You have to start the application at least once to deploy it before you run the update installer. This may have been the cause of your problem. 


Rerun the update installer.  Verify that the build has been applied by checking the MANIFEST.MF file (as above).