CA DRAS CAHFMTK013E CCI send for conid(1) failed, status = 8, reason = 32


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What does the CAHFMTK013E message actually indicate?


Release: CA Output Management Web Viewer 11.5

Component: dvweb

CA DRAS Distributed Access System


This message frequently does not indicate a problem. It is a general error that is generated whenever a user is no longer there when DRAS is ready to send back a response.

For example, you can get this error if a user closes their browser without logging out. These messages can be ignored unless users actually have problems downloading reports.

You can increase the remote timeout parameter if you are concerned about the frequency of these messages:

To increase the remote timeout parameter

  1. In the AdmTool, select File, Preferences.

  2. Click the Timeouts tab.

  3. Increase the number of seconds specified to wait for a response to a document request before timing out in the Remote Response Timeout text box.