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Example of R12 Client Silent Unattended Install (Includes work-around for PEC install failures due to old or corrupt ISProbe.tlb file on target machine).


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This is an example of a cmd batch file that is used to install PEC, R12GA Client, and R12FP2 in silent unattended mode.

The example also includes the suggested work-around for PEC install problems due to old or corrupted ISProbe.tlb file.


The attached is a windows cmd batch file that provides an example script of how to silently install PEC, R12GA Client, and R12 FP2 (Fix Pack 2).

It also includes script to delete the file "ISProbe.tlb" if it already exists on the target machine. Older versions of this file have been known to cause the PEC install to fail. This file is provided by whenever the user uses InstallShield programs to install products (The ISProbe.tlb file will be replaced by the PEC install with a newer version).

Flexerasoftware is aware of the problem and provides a work-around that describes that the user should rename or delete this file (which usually resides in c:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\Runtime\ISProbe.tlb) in order to remove it from the install equation. The PEC install will detect that this file does not exist and will extract this file from the InstallShield engine and place it in the proper directory and use it during install runtime.

For more information on this caveat, please refer to the forum on (owner of InstallShield).

Also note that R12 FP1 is not required since FP2 and higher is accumulative.


Component: HINTFC

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