How to change the SharedComponents directory after uninstalling CA NSM?


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CA Unicenter NSM



The installation of CA NSM requires an installation location for all CA Shared Components. Once defined, this location cannot be updated and will be used by any future installation requiring CA Shared Components. It normally defaults to: /opt/CA/SharedComponents. Even after uninstalling CA NSM from the system, this location cannot be updated and this can be inconvenient if you want to change the SharedComponents directory to a different location (for instance if we do not have enough space under /opt drive).


To update the CA Shared Components location after CA NSM has been uninstalled:

  1. Uninstall the CA NSM product completely using the CA NSM wizard (setupNSM).

  2. Delete the file /etc/profile.CA that contains references to CA variables and folders.

  3. Look into the file /etc/profile and check for references to profile.CA within this file (especially at the end of the file). Delete any that are found.

  4. Run this command as root user to determine if any variable is set to this folder. If yes, unset it.
    env |grep /CA/SharedComponent

  5. Delete the location where CA/SharedComponents are installed (for example, the directory /opt/CA/SharedComponents). Also delete the folder /opt/CA.

  6. Run the command lsm -l, and if any CA packages are registered, delete them by running the command:
    lsm -e package

  7. Remove the directories /InstallShield/Universal/csam/ and /InstallShield/Universal/common.
    These directories contain information about the SharedComponents folder under the file /InstallShield/Universal/csam/Gen1/_vpddb and vpd.script

This procedure should clear the SharedComponents folder and during a later installation of CA NSM you will be prompted to enter a location for CA Shared Components.


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