UNIX/Linux lic98fds process with Lic98


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After installing Lic98 release R1.70 and higher on UNIX or Linux, a "lic98fds" process shows as running even after shutting down all CA products. This process did not exist in prior releases of Lic98.


Several files in the licensing system require update. In releases prior to 1.63, several files were "world writable." Beginning in release r1.70, the permissions of these files are changed to "644."

The permissions of the following files are changed:

  • ca.olf
  • lic98.log
  • lic98dbg.log
  • lic98.dat

A new process/program named "lic98fds" will be launched to manage update access of files. This program will be a "setuid" authority. Since the license system is "root," lic98fds will be a "setuid root" program.

A new script named "lic98setowner" can be used to change the owner of this program and the files it manages. The syntax is as follows:

 lic98setowner <new-owner>

If you do not provide a <new-owner> on the command line, the script prompts you to provide one.

A script named "stopfds" can be used to stop lic98fds. The syntax is as follows:



Component: HINFST