How to set up CGI and Metabase Compatibility features in IIS 7.0?
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How to set up CGI and Metabase Compatibility features in IIS 7.0?


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The Following document explains the steps to configure CGI and Metabase Compatibility features in IIS 7.0.



Release: All installations running on Windows 2008 - 2019  / IIS 7.0
Component: ARGIS, CA Service Management, CA Service Desk



The following document explains how to setup CGI and Metabase compatibility in IIS 7.0.

The following configuration need to be setup before installing r12.1, 14.1 and 17.x.x.x on a windows 2008 - 2019.

Login to the Server as an Administrator.

Once logged in Click on Start >> Administrative Tools >> Server Manager (see Figure 1):

Figure 1:

Once logged in the Server Manager >> Click on Roles on the left pane.

This will give the ability to add roles in the screen on the right pane.

Click on "add roles" (see Figure 2):

Figure 2:


This will bring you to the following Server Roles Screen. Check the box for Web Server (IIS) and click on next (see Figure 3):

Figure 3: 



This will bring you to the "Select Role Services". Under Application Development select "CGI" (see Figure 4):

Figure 4:  


Scroll down on the same page to find Management Tools. Under Management tools look for IIS 6 Management Compatibility. Check the box for "IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility" (see Figure 5):

Figure 5:  

Click on next to get the Confirmation screen (see Figure 6):

Figure 6:


Once the installation is done the following screen confirms the same (see Figure 7):

Figure 7:  


Once the CGI and IIS 6.0 Metabase compatibility features are installed login to IIS Manager by typing in "inetmgr" in the run box (see Figure 8):

Figure 8: 


Navigate to the Default Web Site under Sites. Double click on the "handler mappings" in the right pane (see Figure 9):

Figure 9:  


This will bring the following screen. Ensure that the CGI-exe with the path *.exe is enabled (see Figure 10):

Figure 10:


If the CGI-exe is not enabled,under actions click on Edit Feature Permissions to enable.Once done Recyle IIS Services.

Once the Application is installed make sure that CGI-exe is enabled for CAisd as follows (see Figure 11):

Figure 11:


If by any chance, it does not exist under CAisd create the same with the following steps:

For CAisd select 'Handler Mapping' feature and click on 'Add Module Mapping' from actions pane.

Enter the following details and save:

> Request path: *.exe
>> Module: CGIModule
>>> Executable: leave it blank
>>>> Name: CGI_EXE


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