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How are the Community String and Read Only community string used in eHealth (Legacy KB ID CNC TS19603 )


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CA eHealth


 By default the Community String is populated for each element and this is used during polling for all SNMP operations.

If a Read Only community is specified the read only community string is used for SNMP get operations during polling and the read write community is used in cases where an SNMP set operation is required.

SNMP set operations are used for response paths to set up and reset the tests and  when a process set is initialized during polling.

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When you specify a community string during a discovery and that community string is applied to an element, eHealth assumes it is a read-write community string and as such, populates the RW community string field.

The logic behind this is there is no way for eHealth to be able to identify if a community string it is using/accessing is actually RO or RW. We then populate the RW field in the eHealth config by default specifically because there are certain types of elements (like response paths) which require a RW string for the SNMP set operations.

If you only use one community string it will be populated in the RW field.

If you need to specify 2 strings (a RW and a RO), then you would be manually editing the element (via the UI or dci) and setting the strings accordingly.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS19603 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements