Clarity Session Timeout Does Not Work
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Clarity Session Timeout Does Not Work


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Clarity sessions do not timeout in accordance with the value set in system settings, Minutes Until Logoff.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Set Minutes Of Inactivity Until Logout parameter to non-zero value (or leave default = 60).

  2. Log out and log back in to Clarity as user other than "admin".

  3. Leave application idle for the period longer than specified in Minutes Of Inactivity Until Logout parameter.

  4. Navigate to any other page within Clarity

Expected Result: Session should expire and Login page should be displayed.

Actual Result: Application is still active and user can navigate to various pages.


Check your caches.xml, to see if you have the following lines:

<cache id="sessionCache" cacheType="system" initCapacity="10000" sessionBased="true">      
 <listener classname="" type="timeout"/>      
 <cache id="userPartitions" cacheType="system" initCapacity="10000" useLRU="true" sessionBased="true">      
 <listener classname="com.niku.union.partitioning.UserPartitionCache" type="timeout"/>      

If you have them:

Edit the caches.xml to remove the <listener> element for DefaultSessionManager and UserPartitionCache as follows:

  1. Shut all the Clarity services down.
  2. Back up the $NIKU_HOME/config/caches.xml file
  3. Change the lines so that they read:
    <cache id="sessionCache" cacheType="system" initCapacity="10000" sessionBased="true"/>
    <cache id="userPartitions" cacheType="system" initCapacity="10000" useLRU="true" sessionBased="true"/>
  4. Note the forward slash towards the end of the lines!
  5. Remove the other 4 lines: <listener...> and </cache>.
  6. Restart the Clarity services.