The new UPM patches do not appear in the UPM console
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The new UPM patches do not appear in the UPM console


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In the DSM Explorer, check the status of the 'Default Software Contents Download' job under Control Panel/Engines/All Engines/SystemEngine (or whatever engine you currently use).

If it shows 'Error', check the file C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CIC\logs\CIC.log for the error message and open a support issue if needed.

If the job status is 'OK' then please see below.
(Note: If you see no Default Software Contents Download task, right-click on the engine, select 'Link existing task' and select the download job from the list, add it and observe. If the job runs and fails, then see the log above, if it goes to 'OK' and there is STILL no patch content, then proceed to the following section)

If the job status is 'OK', then check the file C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CIC\conf\config.xml, to confirm if the DSM and UPM applications are registered:

<UPM><id>682DCD15-5C94-4321-842D-E3944D3CA000</id><licenseKey> PMUPM-00000-00000-

If the DSM or the UPM applications are missing, please execute the following sequentially in order to register the applications to CIC:

For UPM :
cd C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CIC\bin
Util.bat -R UPM 682DCD15-5C94-4321-842D-E3944D3CA000 PMUPM-00000-00000-00001 upmuser_group

For DSM :
cd C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CIC\bin
Util.bat -R DSM B1B13849-08D1-4DA6-91EA-2D278E5F00CC PMDSM-00000-00000-00001 ca_itrm_group

Now, the DSM or the UPM application should be present in file C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CIC\conf\config.xml.

After this configuration modification, the next execution of "Default Software Contents Download Job" will download the full list of UPM patches.


Component: BITCM