I am getting "-802 EXCEPTION ERROR" During Extract or Action Condition processing. Why?
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I am getting "-802 EXCEPTION ERROR" During Extract or Action Condition processing. Why?


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When attempting to run an extract and action procedure in CA Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS (PDA), the Action procedure has Action conditions selected that are processed against the RTS tables.

In the case reported there were problems with zero values in columns of the RTS tables. E.g. TOTALROWS/TOTALENTRIES columns of TABLESPACESTATS/INDEXSPACESTATS. These columns were used in the Action Conditions that were chosen and caused problems because we do not expect them to be zeros.


There are "known" problems with RTS.

At the time of writing (March 2010) the following are IBM APARS concerning this.

APAR       V7          V8         V9         Description====       ====        ====       ====       ===========PK35250    UK24354     UK24355    UK24356    Incorrect key numbers possible during log applyPK46792    UK27887     UK27888    UK27889    DBID's with 255 possible when using REPAIRPK49433    UK36450     UK31869    UK31870    REORGPSEUDODELETE is incorrectPK49823    UK28667     UK28668    UK28669    Bad NULL indicator handlingPK51197    N/A         UK28827    UK28828    SPACE can be negative if more than 524287 pagesPK52434    UK29778     UK29779    UK29780    HIPER EXTENT sometimes not updated by shrlevel change reorgPK53341    UK32913     UK32914    UK32915    TOTALROWS or TOTALENTRIES < 0 or > 2**40 and Counter overflow and                                             bad REORGPSEUDODELETESPK54691    N/A         UK31675    UK31676    DEFINE NO objects created RTS entries incorrectlyPK54836    N/A         N/A        UK31871    TOTALENTRIES for NPI's after REORG PART, LOAD REPLACE or ALTER PART                                             ROTATE incorrect.PK56504    N/A         UK32960    UK32961    REORGLASTTIME for Catalog/DirectoryPK56693    N/A         UK34333    UK34334    NLEVELS incorrectPK57606    N/A         UK32717    UK32718    Incorrect RTS data and negative REORGUNCLUSTINSPK60481    N/A         UK38136    UK38137    Incorrect values for TOTALROWS, TOTALENTRIES, DATASIZE, NPAGES,                                             REORGNEARINDREF, REORGFARINDREF, NLEAF, REORGPSEUDODELETES,                                             REORGLEAFNEAR, REORGLEAFFAR and REORGNUMLEVELS in a datasharing envPK69354    N/A         N/A        UK38837    Missing RTS rows for newly added PBG partitions by LOAD REPLACEPK71506    N/A         UK40597    N/A        REORG/LOAD PART with SHRLEVEL NONE updates all COPYLASTTIME for all parts

We recommend that you follow the advice from IBM concerning the above APARS.

Note: Applying the PTF may not fix existing RTS rows and further action may be required.

For r12 PDA, you have a new feature that will allow you to update RTS entries, with values taken from the DB2 Catalog, where missing values occur. This can be found under the Statistics Maintenance option, then update Statistics for IBM Real-Time Statistics (RTS).


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