Resolving various CA Business Intelligence related problems using CA Knowledge Documents.


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This document provides links to various CA Technical Documents on CABI published on CA Support site.


The following are the list of documents available on CA Support site with solutions for various problems with CA Business Intelligence.

Doc ID#Technical Support Documentation
TEC520339CA Business Intelligence 3.1 installation and configuration for Service Desk R12.5 CA SDM
TEC505919Steps for avoiding the "Parse error. Expecting 'NAME' at 1" when running a query in Business Intelligence InfoView.
TEC505614What are the steps to add additional reports to SD reports tab?
TEC505613I am building a Web Intelligence report in InfoView. When I use a date filter I get an error message (Error:WIS 10901).
TEC505237How to access BOXI Reports using a Crystal Report Designer which is installed on different Server?
TEC502586How to configure Trusted Authentication for CA Business Intelligence using IIS and the Tomcat Connector?
TEC502594Why I see "logging out the web report server..." when I click on the "log out" link on web interface?
TEC502593How to manually Configure DataDirect ODBC Driver?
TEC502486Manually uninstall BOXI on Windows.
TEC499050Reports does not work after changing the BOXI server's IP address.
TEC480411I am trying to install CA Business Intelligence and when running a typical installation I only have access to install with MySQL. How can I install with SQL?
TEC500058BOXI service will not start.
TEC480710"Login Failed. Error:com.crystaldecisions.sdk.exception.SDKException$InvalidArd: The argument has an invalid value." when trying to access the Reports Tab.

Creating a new Web Intelligence report and placing it on the Service Desk Reports tab.
TEC494449Can a common BOXI install be used across various CA products?
TEC492192Error "Unable to find servers in CMS and cluster with kind cacheserver and extra criteria null" when running reports from Reports tab in Service Desk.
TEC492156How to configure CA Business Intelligence for LDAP authentication and integrate with ServiceDesk?
TEC492153How to change the JRE used by Java Infoview in CA Business Intelligence?
TEC492148CA Business Intelligence installation fails on the configuration with "Unknown Error Code 1" when installed on ServiceDesk secondary server. How to resolve it?
TEC492144How to test the CA Data Direct ODBC driver to check if its working?
TEC492143What are the viewers available to view reports in Infoview? How to change the default viewer for Infoview?
TEC492138Some of the ServiceDesk Web Intelligence reports take a long time to load when trying to drill down in Infoview.
TEC492136The reports in Infoview do not load when using the correct logon credentials.
TEC492131When trying to run the report from Infoview, I get "Cannot load the .prm file" error. How to resolve it?
TEC492130How to find out more information about authentication errors on ServiceDesk Reports tab?
TEC492124What are the possible causes for the error message "An internal error occurred while calling the opendocumentMDP.api (Error:WIS30270)" in Java Infoview and how to resolve it.
TEC492117How to restrict few users or groups from using specific objects in CA ServiceDesk Universe?
TEC492116When trying to run the reports in Infoview an error message "The Business Objects server is not ready" is displayed.
TEC492115When trying to run a report in Java Infoview we get the error message "Null Page:Unable to create page from report source".
TEC492087The reports tab in ServiceDesk displays two frames with reports. Is there a way to change it to a single frame?
TEC492079How to Add the LDAP server in Central Management Server, if the organization has multiple LDAP servers?
TEC492078What are the recommendations and best practices for reports based on a Universe?
TEC492072CA Business Intelligence logs errors in application log about failure to start the CMS service as it tries to start before SQL server service starts after a reboot.
TEC492071How to add a new license key in CA Business Intelligence?
TEC490783What are the recommended browsers and settings for CA Business Intelligence deployment?
TEC489706How to start and stop CA Business Intelligence services via command line?
TEC489692How to enable auditing in CA Business Intelligence?
TEC488208How to run sample audit reports in CA Business Intelligence?
TEC488195How to setup Email notifications in CA Business Intelligence?
TEC488186How to change the default session timeout value for Java Infoview?
TEC488145How to disable the restoration of a timed out session in Java Infoview?
TEC488144Error "Connection or SQL sentence error. (DA0005);Exception:DBD [directdata][open access odbc]AHD12031: Invalid date literal" when running Desktop Web Intelligence report.
TEC488122What are the different techniques available in CA Business Intelligence to protect against malicious logon attempts?
TEC488097Error "[Exception: DBD [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specifiedState:IM002] A connection required to refresh this document is unavailable(DA0004)" when refreshing the reports after changing the date.
TEC486230How to restrict BOXI users from using CA ServiceDesk universe if they are not part ServiceDesk?
TEC486226How to prevent BOXI users from accessing CA ServiceDesk reports?
TEC486224How to schedule an out of box CA report to run on specific days of a month?
TEC486221How to restrict users from modifying the CA ServiceDesk Universe connection?
TEC486219How to manually install the ODBC driver provided by CA Business Intelligence?
TEC486008How to change the tomcat port for CA Business Intelligence after initial installation?
TEC485883When trying run a report in Java Infoview it shows ERROR: "FAILED TO OPEN CONNECTION"
TEC485880When trying to view a report from Infoview , an error message is displayed "Number of Simultaneous jobs limited to 80 by administrator"
TEC485872What does the option "Replace" do when trying to export a universe to a folder which already has a universe with the same name?
TEC485869BOXI Reports for tables which have more than 20,000 records in the database do not run in Java Infoview.
TEC485867What is the impact on the BOXI reports if there is a change in the universe being used by the report?
TEC485863How to create a derived universe in CA Business Intelligence from CA ServiceDesk universe?
TEC485859How to add ServiceDesk schema changes to CA Business Intelligence derived universe?
TEC485400After installing CA Business Intelligence and running the configuration, I go into InfoView to view the built-in reports I get a message similar to this :File~ce120051067f2c7e42.rpt not found on File Repository Server. How do I view reports from InfoView?
TEC485041Web Intelligent/BOXI Reports appear to not obey Multi-Tenancy Setup
TEC485033What are the list of unsupported options for CA Business Intelligence Installation?
TEC484963What are pre-requisites for CA Business Intelligence installation on SQL server 2005?
TEC484947What are the possible causes for the authentication failure in CA Business Intelligence when using Enterprise as authentication method?
TEC484946When trying to run a report in Java Infoview we get the error message "The report you requested requires further information"
TEC484944When trying to view the reports from the Reports tab in ServiceDesk, the Java Infoview login screen is displayed. It won't display the report even after providing the correct credentials.
TEC484943What is the correct procedure for creating the ODBC driver if the BOXI is on a ServiceDesk secondary server?
TEC483316Completing the BOXI "ODBC Install Location" field when configuring on a server without Service Desk components installed.
TEC483313How to use the SQL Server 2005 CMS database for Business Objects XI.
TEC480255How does the 'Resource' field in the Report Web Form correlate to the Report Location and Report Name defined in CA Business Intelligence?
TEC480409What options are provided with a typical or custom install of CA Business Intelligence?
TEC480406Are all of the reports that were available with Service Desk r11 Dashboard available out of box in r12 with CA Business Intelligence?
TEC480334How do I create a custom Crystal Report in CA Business Intelligence?
TEC480239Getting an error "Null Page: Unable to create page from report source". I am able to login to InfoView with no problem, but am not able to run reports from within "InfoView." when accessing the Reports tab
TEC480235Error "There are no page servers connected to the Cache Server or all connected Page Servers are disabled or all connected Page Servers are not part of the specified server group. Please try to reconnect later" in Reporting


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