How to access BOXI Reports using a Crystal Report Designer which is installed on different Server?


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BOXI is installed on one Server and connected to Servicedesk. Reports work fine. Crystal Reports XI is installed on a different Server. How to access the BOXI in order to create and publish new reports?


To access the BOXI reports from the Crystal Reports Designer machine, install the ODBC client which is available from the Service Desk media. You may following the instructions to install ODBC client by following the technical document TEC486219.

Create DSN on the Crystal Reports Designer machine to access the BOXI.
You also have to copy the "oainfo.ini" file from the CA Service Desk server to the Crystal Reports Designer machine (oainfo.ini file is located under C:\CASD_ODBC\schema).

Note: The file oainfo.ini is located under $NX_ROOT\pdmconf\schema if Service Desk & BOXI are installed on the same machine.
$NX_ROOT is the ServiceDesk installation directory.


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