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Clarity: When trying to save changes to a project on the main properties page, the following error is received. "Investment has financial plans hence Department value cannot be changed"?


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When this error is received, the department OBS is usually blank on the project properties page. On the financial subpage, the project is associated with a department OBS. With the value on the project properties page being blank, Clarity thinks the value is trying to be changed.


To resolve this, the Department OBS needs to be associated to the Project object.

  1. Login to Clarity.

  2. Navigate to the administration side of Clarity (Admin Tool).

  3. Click on OBS under Organization and Access.

  4. Click the proper OBS unit.

  5. Under Associated Objects, add the project object and save.

  6. The Department OBS Unit value should now display on the project properties page, and you should be able to save changes. (You may need to first click on save on the project properties main page for the OBS value to display.)

Keywords: CLARITYKB, OBS associated object, Financial Department, Project, Financial Plans.


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