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The current timesheet icon in PPM is going to last week's timesheet when it should be going to this week's timesheet (the current timesheet)


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The 'Current Timesheet' icon in CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) takes the user to the previous week's timesheet if the user doesn't enter time for previous week.



The reason why the timesheet from the previous time period is being displayed when users click on the Current Timesheet Icon is because the timesheet from last week's time period has not been submitted, approved, or posted. The current timesheet icon is designed to work this way because it makes the assumption that if a user hasn't submitted their timesheet for last week; they are going to want to submit last week's timesheet before submitting this week's timesheet. It assumes that the current timesheet is going to be the earliest timesheet that has not been submitted. In this case, that timesheet is in the previous time period and that is why the timesheet from the previous time period is being returned.




Advise the resource(s) or user(s) that they need to submit the timesheet from the previous time period first. Once they submit the timesheet from the previous time period, then the timesheet for the current time period will be displayed.

If the timesheets in the previous time period do need to be submitted, the time period could also be closed, then the current time period would display.
To close the time period:
  1. Go to Administration->Project Management->Time Reporting Periods
  2. Check the check box next to the Time Period(s) to be closed
  3. Click the 'Close' button