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How to determine which MIB Translation File is assigned to an element (Legacy KB ID CNC TS14193 )


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CA eHealth


To determine which .mtf file corresponds to a particular element, follow the below steps:

1.  Open the Poller Configuration window via the Console (Setup, Poller Configuration).

2.  Locate the element in question.

3.  Double click on the element - this will open the "Modify Element" window.

4.  Make a note of the "Agent Type" assignment.

5.  Open the $NH_HOME/poller/agent.types file.

6.  Search for the Agent Type that was listed for that element.

7.  There will be an .mtf file listed to the right of the Agent Type on the same line. 

     ciscoMib2-lan.mtf MIB2 (Cisco lan port v9.1-)

Where "MIB2 (Cisco lan port v9.1-)" is the Agent Type and "ciscoMib2-lan.mtf" is the .mtf. 

8.  The .mtf files are also located in the $NH_HOME/poller directory.

Alternative method to locate the .mtf file:

1. Open OneClick and list discovered elements.

2. Locate the element in question.

3. Right-click on the element and select "Element Configuration" from the pop-up menu.

4.The configuration page of the Element Configuration Report will provide the name of the mtf file.

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Problem Environment:

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS14193 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements