How to register a UNIX machine in BSRM where SSH port is not 22 and Telnet is not allowed for security reasons?
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How to register a UNIX machine in BSRM where SSH port is not 22 and Telnet is not allowed for security reasons?


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In this situation only SSH is available to register UNIX machines and the port for SSH is not the default (22). Currently in order to use BSRM registration Wizard for UNIX, assigned SSH port must be 22. If this port is not used and Telnet is not available, UNIX machine must be manually registered.


Component: XSX


First install SRM UNIX agent doing the following:

Refer Technical Document How to Install the BrightStor SRM UNIX / Linux Agent. Will need to have open TCP ports 111 and 1245 with bi-directional attributes on both Application Server and UNIX host.

Secondly, manually register UNIX machine using Technical Document Using command line utility to register server. This is to be run on the SRM Application server.

You will need to update collection parameters for the registered UNIX machine so that the periodic host data collection will start for the UNIX machine.

Open the Activity Monitor on the Client GUI. Highlight the BOS for the machine that is the UNIX machine's Proxy. On Activity Monitor go to Launcher dropdown and click on Update Launcher Data.

Do a collect now for UNIX machine.

Verify that collection completes.

Below is an example of how an AIX machine was manually registered using the above two Technical Documents.

On the AIX console:

 # ps -ef | grep rscd
     root 30912  6176    1  14:56:33    pts/2   0:00  grep rscd
     root 32378     1    0    Jan 17        -   0:00  /tivagent/srm/rscd
 # kill 32378
 # ps -ef | grep rscd
     root 32382  6176    1  14:57:34    pts/2   0:00  grep rscd
 # cd /tivagent/srm
# ./rscd
 # ps -ef | grep rscd
      root 27414     1    0  14:58:37        -   0:00  ./rscd
      root 39948  6176    1  14:58:49    pts/2   0:00  grep rscd
 # rpcinfo -p sckx051cto
    program vers proto    port  service
     100000    4   udp     111  portmapper
     100000    3   udp     111  portmapper
     100000    2   udp     111  portmapper
     100000    4   tcp     111  portmapper
     100000    3   tcp     111  portmapper
     100000    2   tcp     111  portmapper
 1073741824    1   udp   49602
 1073741824    2   tcp   62121
 1073741825    2   tcp   62124
     300000    3   tcp   31415  rscd

On the Application Server console (DOS-Prompt):

C:\Program Files\CA\BrightStor SRM\Bin>compreg -s scgt013cto -h sckx051cto -i -o Unix -u admsrm1 -p teste99 -w 60 -b No
 Session started at: 02/01/08 15:03:08
 Log file name     : C:\BrightStor SRM Data\Database\Log\cse_err.log
 Machine name      : <fully_qualified_hostname>
 Starting Computer Registration...
 Checking local host name and IP address
 Checking user security...
 Registering SCKX051CTO on Application Server scgt013cto
 Successfully Completed
 Exiting Computer Registration...