VMHSYS417W VMBATCH's LOG disk is 82% full.
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VMHSYS417W VMBATCH's LOG disk is 82% full.


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VMHSYS417W VMBATCH's LOG disk is 82% full.

How is the LOG disk cleaned up?



The LOG disk contains information about VM:Batch jobs. When a job completes, the job log on the LOG disk can be removed.

When the LOG disk becomes full, you can use the REMOVE command to manually remove job logs for completed jobs.

To implement automatic removal of completed jobs, use the VM:Batch RETAIN configuration file record. This allows you to set a retention period for job logs for completed jobs. When the retention period is met, the job logs are automatically removed. Implementing automatic job log removal will help you keep the LOG disk from filling up.


If you have implemented automatic removal of completed jobs through the RETAIN record but find the LOG disk is still filling up regularly, you may need to increase the size of the LOG disk, or, set the retention period on the RETAIN record to a shorter interval. 


Additional Information:

See the VM:Batch System Administrator's Guide for further information on job log removal and the RETAIN configuration file record.


Release: VMBATC00400-1.4-VM:Batch