ETLDP32E message when installing LDAP R14.0 SP01.


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installing version r14.0 SP01 of CA LDAP Server, and receive ETLDP32E module back_caacf2_utf.dll (14SP1.2010.0115)


With the ETLDP32E, r14.0 now ships with both Top Secret and ACF2vso your SLAPD.Conf will have both modules and a module for
Compliance Manager.

You need to make sure you comment out the modules not needed in the casevall the ACF2 modules.

Compliance Manager is commented out by default

To comment out place a # in first column


#database             caacf2_utf 
#suffix               "host=YOURACF2HOSTNAME,o=YOURCOMPANY,c=us" 
#naming_mode          acf2 
#For full syntax of siParms parameters see the CA LDAP Administrator Gu 
# siParms    port 
# siTimeout          5 
# HostUFNOverride    ./over_ride_host.conf 
# disable_lid_details 
# disable_lid_details 
# disable_rule_details


Component: TSSLDP