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How to hide the DSM Agent from Add/Remove Programs?


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How to hide the DSM Agent on any agent machine from Add/Remove Programs?


In most organizations the end user does not have the authority to install or uninstall software on their computer. However, for some users (for example, software developers) that need Admin privileges in order to perform their daily tasks, you can help reduce their risk of inadvertently removing the DSM Agent by hiding its entries in the Add or Remove Programs list.

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Figure 1

Hiding the Add or Remove Programs is done by marking them as System Components. This is done by adding 'SystemComponent'=dword:00000001 to each of the entries found under '[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall' listed in the following table:

Display NameGUID
CA Unicenter DSM Agent + Basic Inventory Plugin501C99B9-1644-4FC2-833B-E675572F8929
CA Unicenter DSM DMPrimer5933CC13-52AB-4713-85DB-E72034B5697A
CA Unicenter DSM Agent + Asset Management Plugin624FA386-3A39-4EBF-9CB9-C2B484D78B29
CA Unicenter DSM Agent + Software Delivery Plugin62ADA55C-1B98-431F-8618-CDF3CE4CFEEC
CA Unicenter DSM Agent + Remote Control Plugin84288555-A79E-4ABD-BA53-219C4D2CA20B
CA Unicenter DSM Agent + Data Transport PluginC0C44BF2-E5E0-4C02-B9D3-33C691F060EA
CA Unicenter Desktop & Server ManagementC163EC47-55B6-4B06-9D03-2A720548BE86 InstallShield_C163EC47-55B6-4B06-9D03-2A720548BE86

Once the registry has been updated for all the DSM Agent components, they should no longer be displayed in the Add or Remove Programs window.

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Figure 2


Component: DTSVMG


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