How to run the standalone nhSnmpTool (Legacy KB ID CNC TS23091 )
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How to run the standalone nhSnmpTool (Legacy KB ID CNC TS23091 )


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Often times, eHealth Technical Support will require a MIBdump from a customer's device in order to reproduce a reported issue. When the eHealth User has attempted the nhSnmpTool command and the output file contains errors, it usually means that the output is not complete, and therefore, the file is not usable in testing or troubleshooting.

In these cases, and when and eHealth server is not available, we provide the standalone nhSnmpTool for each supported platform (Windows, HP, and Solaris).  This tool is actually a zipped kit containing all the files necessary to run the nhSnmpTool command independent of the eHealth installation.  The kit also contains workarounds that improve the likelihood that the MIBdump will complete.

To download the kit, please visit the nhSnmpTool Certification page at  Be sure to download the correct kit, depending on which platform in will be run on.

For installation instructions, refer to the README file included in each kit. It is highly recommended that the kit be installed on a non-eHealth system.  The kit should never be installed with the NH_HOME directory structure.

The command syntax for the standalone tool is identical as with the embedded nhSnmpTool command.  Please used nhSnmpTool -h for online help after installing the kit, or review KB solution ID PrimusTrain264: How to use the nhSnmpTool command.


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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS23091 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements