How to migrate to latest netViz version (Legacy KB ID CNC TS16975 )
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How to migrate to latest netViz version (Legacy KB ID CNC TS16975 )


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Follow the instructions in "Installing the software," in the netViz guide.

Be sure that NetViz 6.0 is installed in a new directory. This prevents the installation from overwriting files in previously installed NetViz directories.


1. If you are storing NetViz project files, catalog files or backgrounds anywhere within an old NetViz directory:
- Copy these files to a directory (e.g., My projects) within the new NetViz directory.
- Create a new directory outside ANY existing NetViz directory and copy the files there. (If you do this, you won?t need to copy these files again when upgrading to future NetViz versions.)

2. Assure there is nothing else you want to save that is now stored in the old NetViz directory.
3. Backup any critical files.
4. Delete the old netViz directory.
5. Delete any old program shortcuts/icons from the desktop. NetViz 7.0 can open project and catalog files saved by netViz 3.0 and later. However, once you save these files using netViz 7.0, they cannot be opened by previous versions.

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Problem Environment:
netViz 3D

Additional Information:
NetViz version 4.0 and earlier stored background files externally, and read in backgrounds as needed when diagrams were opened.

NetViz 6.0 and later embed backgrounds in the project file by default, but can unembed (and link to) backgrounds if you desire. When opening projects created in earlier versions, netViz will prompt you about backgrounds. You can embed backgrounds in the project, or leave them linked. See "Diagram pages" in Part 3 for more information about managing backgrounds.

In the Netviz 7.0 manual (you can download it as "anonymous" fromĀ See Part 1 Getting started on Page 8.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS16975 )


Release: NTVADP05900-7.5-netViz-Adapter