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OPSMVS - SSM management of JES2


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SOLVE:Operations Automation SOLVE:Access Session Management SOLVE:FTS OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation SOLVE


If JES2 is started before OPS, then code IPL_STATE of IPL in your STCTBL.

If OPS starts/controls JES2 then code IPL_STATE of UP in your STCTBL.

Refer to the SSM User Guide page 236:

Step B: Review and Customize the STCTBL Table 6. Supply the correct IPL_STATE value that will tell SSM how this task should be handled after an IPL. The IPL_STATE column initiates the DESIRED_STATE column after an IPL. Valid values for the IPL_STATE column are:

UP = SSM should start the task at IPL.
DOWN = SSM should not start the task at IPL.
IPL = Something outside of SSM will start the resource, but SSM should manage it after it becomes active.


Component: SOPMVS