Spectrum fails to create tickets, if the Service Desk is reinstalled or SPECTRUM integration is configured to use a new Service Desk server.


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Following error may appear in the stdlog file:

11/11 17:15:06.56 servername   sda       5040 SIGNIFICANT sda.cpp         1884 Session Created 403153062
11/11 17:15:21.94 servername   spelsrvr  2012 ERROR api.spl               1180 Error setting attr 'affected_resource' on object 'cr:400222' to value 'B2227F50CBD5E94E8ABD4E3561469087'


If you enable Assign Assets in Specturm's OneClick and then switch to a new Service Desk server, Spectrum will stop generating tickets in ServiceDesk. In order that the tickets are created ensure that the new Servicedesk server uses the same old MDB (with same data) which was used by earlier install of ServiceDesk.

The reason is that the SPECTRUM model in the old MDB is aware of the assets that were created for it in Service Desk. However, the new MDB does not have information about that asset, causing an error when Service Desk attempts to assign the asset from the SPECTRUM alarm.

To resolve the issue, you must do one of the following:

  1. Configure the new Service Desk server to use the old MDB database.

  2. Clear out the ServiceDesk_Asset_ID fields of all the SPECTRUM models manually in SPECTRUM. You can clear this attribute by using the attribute editor in OneClick or by using the Command Line Interface (CLI). CLI lets you create scripts to automate this procedure.

    To clear the ServiceDesk_Asset_ID attribute using the CLI, perform the following steps:

    1. Connect to the CLI.

    2. Run the following command on each device model that has the attribute set: update mh=<device model handle> attr=0x12db9,val= The ServiceDesk_Asset_ID attribute is cleared

Spectrum will now be able to create tickets successfully in ServiceDesk.


Component: ARGIS