Which daemon in CA Service Desk/CMDB is used to interact with CORA when creating or updating CIs?


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The mdb_registration_nxd daemon is used in Service Desk to interact with CORA during the creation or update of a CI.


The mdb_registration_nxd daemon is used in Service Desk to interact with CORA. Service Desk's calls to CORA can be traced by running the below command:

pdm_logstat -f mdb_registration.c TRACE  

Trace entries will then be written to the stdlog file. When done, be sure cancel this detailed tracing by running:

pdm_logstat -f mdb_registration.c  

Example trace showing the creation of new CI:

When the Continue button on the initial New CI is clicked, a ca_reg_query call and traces are shown in the stdlog file as below:

mdb_registration_ 2144 TRACE mdb_registratio 156    
properties=~label~asset01~host_name~host01~serial_number~sn01~mac_address~mac01~asset_tag~tag01~dns_name~dns01~; uuid=00
mdb_registration_ 2144 TRACE mdb_registratio 367 ca_reg_query    
properties='~label~asset01~host_name~host01~serial_number~sn01~mac_address~mac01~asset_tag~tag01~dns_name~dns01~'; uuid=(NULL)
mdb_registration_ 2144 TRACE mdb_registratio 387 ca_reg_query OK uuid=(NULL)


Component: ARGIS