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AC r12 - PMDB Sizing Recommendations.


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The purpose of the PMDB is to assure delivery of administrative changes to the security environment on an enterprise scale. When considering your PMDB size, there are a few general guidelines to follow.


  1. Determine how many subscribers you will have for each PMDB.

    Typically there are 50 to 100 subscribers for each PMDB server. However, you may wish to consider a maximum of no more than 90. The number of subscribers depends on the type of server used.

  2. For medium to large deployments a dedicated PMDB server is highly recommended.

    You may wish to enlist the assistance of a CA Consultant when planning this architecture.

  3. The PMDB mechanism is designed to stop sending to systems that appear to be down. But because Access Control rules are stored and resolved locally, the only loss is the centralized administration capability.

If a system is down for 4 attempts, with an overall 30-minute retry interval (2 hours), the subscriber is listed as unavailable and the 'sempdd' utility will wait for a wakeup call before attempting any further transmissions to that subscriber.


Component: SEOSNT