Adding and updating Costs with the ITAM DATA Importer.


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New Costs:

Process new cost inserts in one batch without lookups. This will create individual costs without attention to duplicates.

Updating Costs:

Process updates to costs in another batch while using the cost id (created when the costs were added) as a lookup key.

Note: The costid must be known to update the cost record. The costid is an integer value in the arg_costdet table of the mdb.

To extract the costid from the database.

  1. Run an advance search in the UAPM GUI choosing the following fields to display in the results. All of these fields are not needed, but they will help identify the cost records.

    asset name
    asset serial number
    asset cost cost type value
    asset cost Begin date
    asset cost Unit amount
    asset cost cost id

  2. Export the results to csv.

  3. Incorportate the costid into the source import csv file.

  4. Use the costid as a lookup key in the mapping.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-11.3-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration