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Error "AHD05519: Error in MDB Registration: ()" when creating new CI manually.


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The error below occurs when creating a new CI manually:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1


The following errors appear in the stdlog file:

01/28 13:57:27.06 servername mdb_registration_ 9196 SIGNIFICANT mdb_registratio 212 Starting CORA setup  
01/28 13:57:37.12 servername mdb_registration_ 9196 ERROR       mdb_registratio 312 CORA setup failed  
01/28 13:57:37.12 servername mdb_registration_ 9196 ERROR       mdbreg.c 124 ca_reg_init failed ()  
01/28 13:57:37.12 servername spelsrvr         10236 ERROR       cmdb_api.spl 173 AHD05519: Error in MDB Registration: ()

This error occurs if there are any connectivity issues between Service Desk and the MDB database server. Verify if the service desk is able to access the MDB. Once done, recycle the Service Desk services. Then re-try creating a CI. If it is still not successful, please contact CA Support for assistance.


Component: ARGIS


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