SNMP traps are not reaching the SNMP manager/tool
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SNMP traps are not reaching the SNMP manager/tool


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


SNMP settings have to be properly configured in CA Workload Automation (dSeries).


Release: CAWAS999000-11.1-Workload Automation-Agent for Application Services


To configure the SNMP manager

  1. Connect to the CA WA server as an administrator using CA WA Desktop Client.

  2. Open the Admin perspective.

  3. Right-click Topology in the Admin view, and select Open from the pop-up menu. The Topology view opens.

  4. Right-click the sever name in the Topology view, and select Configure Shared Parameters from the pop-up menu. The Server Shared Parameters view opens.

  5. Select the SNMP tab, and modify the following SNMP settings:

    SNMP Manager Address : Enter the IP or hostname where SNMP Manager(3rd party tool) is installed.
    SNMP Input Port: Enter the port number the SNMP Manager. Default: 162
    Community of SNMP Manager: Indicate how SNMP Manager should send messages through your network.
    Limits: public or private
    Also send email for SNMP messages: Whether you want to receive SNMP messages in email format.
    Default: false

  6. Click the Save icon at the top right corner of the view and recycle the CA WA server.
    For more information, please refer to CA WA Admin Guide

If the SNMP messages are still not reaching the SNMP manager, check to make sure that a firewall is not blocking the SNMP ports and/or traffic.

Make sure that the ports have been correctly set. SNMP messages are recorded in the tracelog. Users can check the tracelog to make sure the traps are being sent out.