Error "VAN0004E Component HWM ended, TCBCMP=00000010" at startup
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Error "VAN0004E Component HWM ended, TCBCMP=00000010" at startup


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


During Vantage's start, component HWM will not automatically start, generating message VAN0004E. This will not affect Vantage's task to complete its start process, but the Hardware Monitor feature will not be available.

This message will be recorded in Vantage's log: 
VAN0004E Component HWM ended, TCBCMP=00000010


Release: Vantage 14.0 and 14.1


This is caused by a mismatch between CONFIG and VKGPARMS settings, where the parm SUHWM is set to Y in the VKGPARM but the CONFIG member was not updated to enable Hardware Monitor to be used.


If the Hardware Monitor feature is to be used, both CONFIG and VKGPARMS have to be in sync. Uncomment the line with COMP=HWM in the CONFIG member and set the parm SUHWM (Y) in the VKGPARMS member.

For more information on how to set HWM properly, please read the following: