How to configure a Windows CCI bridge server between a UNIX manager and several remote Windows servers.


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To tunnel all CCI requests for the DMZ servers through Windows Bridge Node to a UNIX manager, the solution describes what parameters need to be set.


To configure a Windows CCI bridge server between a UNIX manager and several remote Windows servers

  1. Windows servers

    1. Modify the env variable: cautenv setlocal CCI_BRIDGENODE <name of cci bridge node>

    2. Add "<manager_name>" in the RMTHOSTS of the Windows computer (under Settings-> Options ->CCI options->remote CCI Host Names) and restart NSM and CCI.

    3. Running the command "rmtcntrl status" from these servers should not show any remote connection towards the manager or towards the CCI bridge server. (Because it uses transport layer).

  2. CCI Bridge Server

    1. The ccirmtd.rc file should contain a line pointing to manager server:

      REMOTE = <manager_server> <manager_server> 32768 startup

  3. Unix Manager server

    1. The ccirmtd.prf file should contain a line specifying the CCI bridge server:

      REMOTE = <bridge_server> <bridge_server> 32768 startup

    2. Recycle CCI on both UNIX manager and Windows CCI bridge node

    3. Running the command "rmtcntrl status" from UNIX Manager and from CCI Bridge node should show an ACTIVE remote connection between the two computers.

Recycle CCI on all the nodes where above changes have been put in place.

To verify the correct set up of CCI bridge


  1. On the manager computer run "ccir". Leave the command waiting...

  2. On the Windows server, run "ccis <manager> 4" (it will send 4 messages to manager)

  3. On the manager computer you should see some messages under "ccir", if so; CCI communication is working in that direction.

  4. Type cntrl-c to release the prompt.

  5. Execute the same steps by changing the order of the nodes to verify that CCI communication also works in that direction.


  1. From Windows server, run "CCII" and verify that you see the NSM applications running on the manager computer with lines similar to these:
    .....Oid(<MANAGER>,CAI.OPERA.<manager>) Did(,) type(R)Oid(<MANAGER>,CAI_OPR_DAEMON) Did(,) type(R)Oid(<MANAGER>,DocServer.) Did(,) type(R)Oid(<MANAGER>,CA_STARUNIX_SERVER) Did(,) type(R)....
  2. From the Windows RAC server, open a remote admin EM GUI and try to log in to the manager server.

  3. If login is succesful, CCI Bridge is configured correctly.


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