How does fail-over takes place in a cluster definition and what is the FailOver threshold definition?


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The Failover Threshold is the number of Policy server that needs to be active for the cluster to be active, if the number of policy server is below this number, the webagent will switch to the other cluster.


The FailOver Threashold number that you see in the cluster definition tells the number of Policy Server that needs to be up for the cluster to be active.

For example: 2 policy server with a threashold percentage of 60%, you have 2 as failover threadshold, which means that if 1 of the Policy Server is down, the number of Policy Server available in the cluster is 1, which is lower than 2, so there will be fail over to the second cluster.

If you want the cluster to remain active even if 1 Policy Server is down, you have to set a threshold below 50 % and the number will be 1.


Component: SMPLC