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Clarity PMO Version 2.0 Upgrade Attribute Errors


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When installing Clarity PMO Version 2.0 the log files may show some error messages for the attributes.


Reasons for Error Messages:

  1. [echo] Removing obj_alignment attribute
    • This is a normal error message and can be ignored. It is expected that this attribute 'obj_alignment' is removed because it will be replaced by a new calculated attribute.
  2. [exec] ERROR 2010-0210 18:53:08,043 [main] xql2.xbl Attribute obj_objective is not updated because its size cannot be reduced
    • This message indicates the existing Best Practices Accelerator (BPA) attribute size does not match the size of the attribute inserted into PMO v2. This is a warning message and will not have a major impact.
  3. If an attribute does not match between BPA and PMO v2 then its data will not be migrated. The BPA Attribute IDs and BPA Attribute Types must match the PMO Attribute IDs and PMO Attribute Types.
  4. The PMO 2.0 Upgrade process will NOT generate error messages if the SubObject IDs match, but its Type does not match, thus giving a false positive or successful upgrade.

Enhanced Logging:
When installing the PMO Version 2.0 package you can turn on logging in the Clarity Systam Administration (CSA/NSA)
Go to CSA/NSA Server Logs: Edit Configuration
Enable logging for "com.niku.pmo.gel"

Reference the Clarity PMO 2.0 Upgrade Guide for more information.

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