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How can we load a binary save on a second server (Legacy KB ID CNC TS18607)


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CA eHealth


NOTE: The saved database can only be loaded into an eHealth system that is at the same version of eHealth (same or newer Patch or Certification level) and Oracle that the database was saved from.

Binary (default) database saves are not Cross Platform functional. You can move a binary save from one UNIX server to another or from one Windows server to another but you cannot load from UNIX into Windows. (In order to do so, you would need to do a Universal/Ascii database save). 


When loading a binary save (nhSaveDb -p <path>.  the following must be true:

(NOTE:  check the $SAVE_DIR/oracle_rman/save.cfg file and set up the server doing the load to match the following).


1. The location, directory path of the load, must be the same as the save. For instance, if the save was done to /opt/eHealth/db/save/daily.tdb, then the load must be done from the save location.


2. Same user: $NH_USER. The load must be done as the same user who ran the save.


3. Same SID (default is EHEALTH). The Database SID of the save must match the database the save is being loaded into.  To check the SID, run the following command:

        echo $ORACLE_SID


4. The Database save has to have the Same number of datafiles and redo logs as the database that is the target of the load. (You can check the $SAVE_DIR/oracle_rman/save.cfg file.)


NOTE: The above restrictions do not apply to Universal/Ascii saves (nhSaveDb -p <path> -ascii)

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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS18607 )


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