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These are a high level set of required steps to install Actuate 9, reports server, to work with Clarity


  • 7.5.3 does not need the Actuate 9 Hotfix
  • Clarity versions 8.0.x - 8.1.x requires the Actuate 9 Hotfix be applied to Clarity
  • 12.0.x and beyond do not need the Actuate 9 Hotfix
  • The Actuate 9 Hotfix can be found on the Actuate CD available on the Support Website
Install the Actuate9 server
  1. Log in to the reports server as the Windows generated Administrator account
  2. Create a new member of the Administrators Group named actuate / password actuate
  3. Initiate the Actuate installation
  4. Select "Typical" installation and follow the screen prompts
  5. When prompted for the Service Profile user name and password enter the following:
  6. When prompted for the System Administrators password, leave that blank
  7. Allow the installation to complete and restart the server if prompted
  8. Confirm that you can bring up and log in to the Actuate console
  9. Copy additional required files from the Actuate9 installation CD to the Clarity file system: .\actuate andactuate
  10. Locate the following directory on the Actuate9 installation CD: CD\clarity\12.0 (or relative version directory)
  11. Copy all contents of the sub-directories from the CD to the directories of the same name in the Clarity file system.
    • Overwrite existing files when prompted
    • Copy the contents of the \reports directory on the installation CD to the following directory in the clarity file system:
      • niku_home\reporting\acdocs
      • Overwrite existing files when prompted
      12. Configure the NSA Reporting tab:
  • Service URL servername:8000
  • Volume = servername
  • Web URL = servername:8900
  • Perform the Reports installation from the NSA or from command prompt on the application server
Test running a report from the actuate console:
  1. Log in to the Actuate volume
  2. Select the CMN folder
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over the blue down-pointing arrow next to the Company report and select New Immediate Job
  4. Actuate Reports - Company Listing Report - Required Parameters:
  • Host_string = Oracle TNS Service Name or SQL ODBC connection name
  • Pass_word = the Clarity database schema/database owner login password
  • UserID = The Clarity user that runs the report (Clarity admin = 1)
    User_name = the Clarity database schema/database owner login name
  • Db_Type = Oracle : 1, SQL Server : 2
       5. Stop and start the Clarity app service
       6. Log in to Clarity and test the Company Listing report.


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