How to license netViz (Legacy KB ID CNC TS14878 )
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How to license netViz (Legacy KB ID CNC TS14878 )


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All desktop versions of netViz and webView Standard are licensed on a "per CPU" basis. A single license entitles a single user to install the software on one computer. On terminal server systems or other systems on which the software is run or executed from a central server or is run remotely, each connecting client is regarded as a separate workstation and therefore requires a license.

webView Professional is licensed on a "per Web-server CPU" basis. A single license entitles a single user to install webView Professional on a Web server with one CPU. There is no limitation on how many people can log into webView Professional to publish or view projects. Keep in mind, however, that webView Professional is itself only a publishing module. Users will have to acquire licenses for desktop netViz in order to create the projects that get published to the webView server.

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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS14878 )


Release: NTVADP05900-7.5-netViz-Adapter