Verifying the communication between CA VM:Tape and RMS
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Verifying the communication between CA VM:Tape and RMS


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This Knowledge Document will step you through the process of making sure that new tape devices are correctly set up in CA VM:TAPE.


This starts with the assumption that:

VM:Tape 1.8 or above installed and configured to use the new devices
Any maintenance that is needed to be applied to the VM:Tape product is applied
The TMC is built with the new volsers
EDRSUP has been turned on, via the VMISTART COMMANDS file
RMS is configured and running

When starting RMS for the first time with VM:Tape, it is important that at least 1 of the new devices is available on VM.

With VM:Tape up and running issue 'vmtape rms query'

If the response is not:

VMTRMS693I The RMS interface is started.
VMTRMS692I There are 0 processes waiting.
Ready; T=0.01/0.01 12:42:41

enter 'vmtape rms start'

When you get the message VMTRMS704I The interface to RMS is ready to use, continue verifying VM:Tape and RMS.

If you do not get this message, that indicates that VM:Tape is not able to communicate with RMS. You should then open an issue via CA Support Online and include the VMTAPE console log from the time you issued the RMS START command and the VMTAPE CONFIG file. With VMTAPE initialized, also send the result of VMTAPE Q TA, VMTAPE DEBUG ZAP and VMTAPE DEBUG SUPPORT EDRSUP.

Next, verify that VM:Tape has the correct location and that it is listed above NONARM. If you are unsure of the correct location, refer to DFSMS settings. In SFS directory, VMSYS:DFSMS.CONTROL, in file DGTVCNTL DATA, you'll find the location name on the RM_AUTO_LIBRARY record.

When RMS is ready to use, the command to find the order of the locations VM:Tape will use, enter 'vmtape q loc'

The reply will be something like this:

Ready; T=0.01/0.01 11:43:51       

An entry for each location should be listed and one for NONARM whether or not you have NONARM drives. NONARM should always be the last listed, especially if there aren't any in your shop. To change the order, use the SET LOCATION command. If NONARM had been first, the command would be: 'vmtape set loc ss1_atl nonarm'.

The next step will be verifying that VM:Tape can list a set of SCRATCH volsers in the new LOCATION.

If POOLs are used on VM:Tape and the new series of volsers have not yet been added, do that now. VM:Tape must be able to LIST scratch tapes if he is to use them. Rather than trying to MOUNT tapes, working with the LIST SCRATCH command first, can save time and potential frustration. Following are several examples of LIST SCRATCH commands that might be used:


VW4900 SS1_ATL
VW4901 SS1_ATL
VW4902 SS1_ATL
VW4903 SS1_ATL
VW4904 SS1_ATL
VW4905 SS1_ATL
VW4906 SS1_ATL
VW4907 SS1_ATL
VW4908 SS1_ATL
VW4909 SS1_ATL

Tape pool CATS contains 10 available ETC scratch tapes.
Ready; T=0.01/0.01 12:33:10

ETC is the media type used for this example, CATS is the VM:Tape pool name and the location is SS1_ATL.

If you are not running with POOLs on VM:Tape, verify that you can get to these new scratch tapes by issuing:


Each one of these types of commands should give you a list of scratch tapes in the pool or media type requested.

If you do not get a list...

vmtape list scratch etc (det 10
VMTLSU941E No scratch tapes found using selected search criteria.
Ready(00028); T=0.01/0.01 11:33:18

we have a problem to resolve.

Using the same range of volsers in the first example, VW4900 - VW4909, if all the volsers in that range should be in scratch status, choose one of the volsers and verify what the TMC thinks this tape's characteristics are.


vmtape list vw4900
VMTLST166E Volume 'VW4900' is a scratch tape and cannot be listed.
Ready(00028); T=0.01/0.01 11:53:20
vmtape q vol vw4900
VMTQRY052E Volume 'VW4900' is a CATS SCRATCH tape.
VMTQRY196I Volume 'VW4900' is in location 'SS1_ATL'.
Ready; T=0.01/0.01 11:54:20

If these commands return that the tape is a scratch tape and they did not show up in the LIST SCRATCH command, first enter a VMTAPE REFRESH command. Let it run and try the LIST SCRATCH command again. If this does not resolve the problem with the LIST SCRATCH command, something could be wrong with the TRTCH and DEN values in the TMC.

Edit the TMC record to get the values in the TMC for TRTCH and DEN.

From VMRMAINT (or another user ID with TAPELIBR authorization):
vmtape edit vw4900
VMTEDT157I Editing VOLUME record for volser VW4900:
VMTEDT153R Enter EDIT command:
display trtch den
VMTEDT153R Enter EDIT command:
Ready; T=0.01/0.01 12:32:18

For the ETC tapes, the TRTCH value should be either EE or EF and DEN value should be E9. These values are in Appendix A/TMC Reference in the VM:Tape System Administrator's guide.

If you find these values are correct in the TMC, then open an Issue and send the VMTAPE console from the time you entered the VMTAPE LIST command. Also include the VMTAPE CONFIG file and the result of VMTAPE Q TA.

If you do get a list of scratch tapes with the LIST SCRATCH command, we are ready to test a mount of a scratch tape.
If you get a mount for the type of tape you want, congratulations, your new media and drives have been correctly implemented.
You are now ready to release these tapes to be used by VM:Backup, HiDRO or another application.

If not, review the VMTAPE Console and send it to us from the time you entered the MOUNT command, again, along with the VMTAPE CONFIG file and the result of VMTAPE Q TA.


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