Helpful hints for installing Endevor r12 sp3 from PAX/ESD files.
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Helpful hints for installing Endevor r12 sp3 from PAX/ESD files.


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Some minor changes have been made to the content of Endevor's pax.Z Electronic Delivery file requiring additional preparation steps than those documented in the Pax Enhanced Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) Guide and Endevor Technical document TEC491839: VIDEO: The ESD/PAX Process for endevor. This document details the additional edits required to perform a smooth SMP/E install from DASD.


When a product or Service Pack goes GA a master tape and install instructions from that tape are packaged together, in the past that tape was made into a tape image, ESD for electronic delivery, which when uploaded to the mainframe was transformed back into a physical 3480 cart using the CA90s ESD restore utility. IBM's pax.Z eliminates the need to recreate the physical tape and allows for all install pieces to live on dasd therefore requiring modifications to the delivered jobs from install from TAPE.

These modifications are documented in the @AREADME member of the INSTALL.NOTES file. Please verify you have made all the documented adjustments to each job prior to submit and you should be fine. Please note this document is not to be considered a replacement for the documented installation procedures in the Implementation guide, nor the Maintenance instructions documented in Chapter 9 of the Release Notes. Its purpose is to help you avoid the recent pitfalls encountered by other clients.

  1. Assuming you have write access to an existing HFS path, use the batch FTP JCL (CAtoMainframe.txt) from the attachments tab of the Pax Enhanced Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) Guide to upload the CA ENDV SCM PRODUCT PACKAGE 12SP03SIQ00.pax.Z from the designated FTP Path to an HFS directory of your choosing.

    • Ensure you have write permission to the directory

    • Use /*JOBPARM SYSAFF or /*ROUTE XEQ to ensure the UPLOAD job executes on the system where the HFS directory resides.

  2. Once the pax.Z file is successfully uploaded, use the Unpackage.txt JCL, also included in the attachments tab of the ESD guide, to "unpax" the pax.Z file into the product-specific installation directory.

  3. For Endevor r12 sp3 the product-specific installation directory is B102909:
    Select one or more files with / or actionEUID=2387 /u/users/endevor/turka02/Type Filename_ Dir ._ Dir ../ Dir B102909 <<< the "unpax"ed directory_ File 12SP03SIQ00.pax.Z << the original product package file/
  4. Review the AREADME file within the B102909 directory:
    Select one or more files with / or action codes  EUID=2387 /u/users/endevor/turka02/B102909/  Type Filename  _ Dir .  _ Dir ..  /  File AREADME <<<<<  _ File CA.DATASET.XML  _ File CA.DEPLOYMENT.XML  _ File CA.PACKAGE.XML  _ File CA.SMPEINSTALL.XML  _ File CA.SMPESETUP.XML  _ File GIMPAF.XML  _ File GIMPAF.XSL  _ Dir SMPPTFIN  _ Dir SMPRELF  _ File S0001.BERBE02.INSTALL.NOTES.pax.Z  _ File S0002.BERBE02.INSTALL.pax.Z  _ File UNZIPJCL         
  5. The AREADME file instructs you to use the UNZIPJCL file within the directory:

    To install the ESD PAX file you have acquired from the CA ESD site perform the following steps in the exact order.

    1. Edit the ESD package UNZIPJCL member in this directory. Modify this JCL deck according to your site's standards to create the interim files on your mainframe system that can be used as input to SMPE or non-SMPE product installations. There could be a file in the UNZIPJCL member suffixed with "INSTALL.NOTES", if this file is present in the UNZIPJCL member then it contains important information regarding how to install this ESD package specific to product being installed.

      This file is a supplement to the original product installation instructions, so they should be used in conjunction with each other. The UNZIPJCL member can be edited with one of the following: ISPF Edit panels, USS ISHELL command, or OMVS oedit command.

      When using the ISPF EDIT ENTRY PANEL, specify in the NAME field of"Other Partitioned, Sequential or VSAM Data Set, or z/OS UNIX FILE:" the USS HFS directory where you have un-paxed the PAX file and suffix the end of the directory with the /UNZIPJCL."

  6. When performing the global edits on yourHLQ.INSTALL(BC1JJB01) if using the same vluaes for yourHLQ and iprefx.iqual, do not use these same values for the SMP/E OPTION DSPREFIX(smppfx.smpqual) as it will cause a conflict with the REFILES on DASD and the temporary files Dynamically allocated by SMP/e.


There are 2 methods to getting the file names created by the UNZIPJCL member and those referenced/built by the SMP/e install job BC1JJB02 in sync:

  1. MODIFY the FILE NAMES in the UNZIPJCL member as follows or use the UNZIPJCL attached to this document:

    • For the 10 SMP/e RELFILEs CHMC00.Fn insert a secondary qualifier of CAI: For example: From:
      <ARCHDEF archid="CHMC000.F1"   newname="yourHLQ.CHMC000.F1"   volume="*" replace="YES"
      <ARCHDEF archid="CHMC000.F1"   newname="yourHLQ.CHMC000.F1"   volume="*"   replace="YES"
    • For the last file in the job CHMC00.SMPMCS remove the NDVR>PLUS>ROSCOE from newname: From:
      > </ARCHDEF>  <ARCHDEF archid="CHMC000.SMPMCS"    newname="yourHLQ.CAI.NDVR.PLUS.ROSCOE.SMPMCS"    volume="*"    replace="YES" 
      > </ARCHDEF>  <ARCHDEF archid="CHMC000.SMPMCS"    newname="yourHLQ.CAI.SMPMCS"    volume="*"    replace="YES" 
  2. Run UNZIPJCL as delivered and EDIT the CHMC00.SMPMCS file, BC1JJB01 and BC1JJB02 install jobs so the correct files will be referenced:

    NOTE: Please review the @AREADME member in the your HLQ.INSTALL.NOTES library prior to proceeding with the rest of the install


      The B102909 SMPMCS file is delivered with an RFDSNPFX parameter to make it compatible with an MSM install, but renders it incompatible with the files created by UNZIPJCL, causing error:


      This error occurs because the RELFILES created by the delivered UNZIPJCL do not contain the .CAI. Secondary qualifier specified in the MCS:


      Removing the RFDSNPFX(CAI) from that line will resolve that problem:

      ++FUNCTION(CHMC000) FILES(10)

    • As per the AREADME instructions in the yourHLQ.INSTALL.NOTES created by UNZIPJCL you must modify BC1JJB02 to add the RFPREFIX parameter to the SMP/E RECEIVE command to direct the RECEIVE to use the datasets on disk and specify the HLQ of the datasets created by the UNZIPJCL job.

      For example:


      Where yourHLQ is the one or more qualifiers you specified in UNZIPJCL.

      The delivered BC1JJB02 assumes the files reside on tape and does not contain that parameter:


    • @AREADME also instructs you to modify the //SMPPTFIN DD to point the SMPMCS file to DASD instead of Tape:

      BC1JJB02 SMPPTFIN must point to an SMPMCS file on disk instead of the 32nd file on an installation tape cartridge. Change the DD statement in this job to the name of the SMPMCS dataset created by the UNZIPJCL job. For example;


      When using UNZIPJCL as delivered the SMPMCS file is not named myiprfx.myiqual.CAI.SMPMCS it is named yourHLQ.CAI.NDVR.PLUS.ROSCOE.SMPMCS. Please modify BC1JJB02 accordingly.

    • As mentioned above, the SMP/e OPTIONS parameter for DSPREFIX cannot have the same HLQ alues as youHLQ from UNZIPJCL this will cause errors with the RELFILES on DASD. If you accidentally specifed the asme values for both you must modify the DSPREIFX specified in the CSI prior to running BC1JJB02:

      You need to update the NDVROPTS member in the CSI:

      Using the SMP/e ISPF menus:

      • Choose 1 for administration specify GLOBAL zone

      • Choose 2 for options then tab down and S next to NDVROPT

      • Choose 5 for

        5 DSSPACE/ - Modify space allocation and/or the data name prefix for
        DSPREFIX SMPTLIB data sets.

      • Change dsprefix:
        DSPREFIX ===> yourHLQ
        (Data set name prefix, up to 26 characters)

        Change yourHLQ to a value different than that used by UNZIPJCL, add an additional node or something to make it unique.

        After you have successfully installed the base product using jobs BC1JJB01 and BC1JJB02, you can continue with the install of the SP3 maintenance following the steps detailed in Chapter 9 of the Release Notes and supplemented by Technical Document (insert HOLDDATA techdoc that we haven't written yet here).


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